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The world-renowned explorer and charismatic musician Nicolas Favresse will travel to Italy this fall to share his climbing and expedition-inspired stories.

Nico will talk about his evolution as a climber, from deep water soloing along the Mediterranean coast with his brothers, attending Freyr university (the most important Belgian crag), and sleeping in the most remote faces in the world. Nico will also show us The Alpine Trilogy, a film about his recent adventure with Seb Berthe.

Dates & Tickets


29 Sept | 20:00hs | CAI Sezione di Spilimbergo

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Ceresole Reale

1 Oct | 18:00hs | Valle Orco Climbing Festival

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3 Oct | 18:00hs | King Rock

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Lausanne (CH)

6 Oct | 18:00hs | Totem Ecublens

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8 Oct | 21:00hs | Rifugio Willy Jervis

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Torre Pellice

9 Oct | 21:00hs | Teatro Del Forte

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